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    Court and Administrative Proceedings

    Our Law Firm offers representation in civil, commercial as well as administrative court proceedings and disputes kakao tv video. We represent Clients before the common courts, including collective disputes (class action suits), administrative courts, labour courts and in arbitration proceedings Super Power 3 download. We provide legal assistance in debt recovery in court and enforcement proceedings. Our services offered include, in particular:

    • drafting opinions concerning limitation of risk of disputes,
    • directing calls for payment to debtors as well as other letters aiming at amicable recovery of debts owed to the Clients,
    • representation of Clients in settlement negotiations, mediation and settlement proceedings,
    • drafting documents and agreements concerning determination of terms of payment in amicable recovery proceedings,
    • development and analysis of documentation necessary to initiate and conduct litigation and enforcement proceedings,
    • drafting relevant statements of claim and applications to courts in court proceedings,
    • searching for and application of various types of securities in judicial and non-judicial proceedings,
    • acting on behalf of Clients before common courts of all instances as well as before government and local government administrative bodies,
    • undertaking all possible actions aiming at obtaining a writ of execution as soon as possible, which constitutes the basis for the enforcement proceedings,
    • drawing up and submitting applications to law enforcement authorities,
    • representation of Clients in enforcement and anti-enforcement proceedings,
    • drafting and submitting statements of claim and applications to courts and law enforcement authorities against any persons or entities bearing subsidiary liability for the liabilities 유튜브 vr 다운로드.

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