Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnership

    Our Law Firm focuses, amongst others, on legal services related to the public-private partnership projects in a broad sense. Our services concerning the preparation of a project include, in particular:

    • carrying out legal analyses for the planned undertakings,
    • legal services concerning the procedure for selecting the private partner (drafting rules, documents, forms, supervising the procedure),
    • assistance in clarifying the requirements for the potential partners,
    • preparation of the procedure for selection of the private partner,
    • advisory services concerning formal and legal assessment during the selection of the private partner,
    • drafting public-private partnership contracts,
    • negotiation of public private partnership contracts,
    • legal services in respect of the obligation concerning the registration of the project, in case of the implementation of the public-private partnership in the form of SPV.

      Moreover, in the course of the implementation of the project, we provide:
    • ongoing legal services related to the project,
    • assistance in any changes or amendments to the existing public-private partnership agreements,
    • legal analyses concerning the possibility of extending the scope of the project,
    • legal assistance in terms of disputes concerning the existing agreements.